Embrace, Empower, Embark

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Success is not just the result of hard skills

Soft skills – what we call ‘core skills’, ‘interpersonal skills’ or even ‘power skills’ – are just as important.

Our mission at Project EMplify is to teach and provide these skills to underserved and underestimated communities.

We want to help level the playing field through these skills. We provide underserved and underestimated high school and college students, teachers teaching in underprivileged communities as well as those in their early-careers, with free resources and mentoring so that they gain these skills.

Project EMplify operates through a time-tested offering of:


Embracing through personal mentoring and tailored advising.


Empowering individuals to find and gain an edge.

Book Program

Embarking on a curated reading journey.

This integrated approach allows individuals to create the types of opportunities that were previously never available to them, and successfully land them.

“How do you navigate finding your strengths and embracing your talents?”

“How do you manage life choices when faced with difficulties?”

“How do secure that coveted internship or a leadership position?”

“How do you cold call someone, and actually convert it into a viable opportunity?”

“How do you network in a way that authentically works for you and feels natural to you?”

“How do you manage the perceptions and stereotypes that others have about you, and flip them in your favor?”

“How do you navigate complicated and nuanced power dynamics?”

Those who come from underserved and underestimated communities are often never taught these types of skills.

They put their head down and work hard, but hard work alone is often not enough. Success and outcomes are often determined by perceptions, attributions, subtle stereotypes.

Through Project EMplify, we EMBRACE and EMPOWER individuals to navigate these factors and EMBARK upon a better path to success.

"We all have different starting points. Start anywhere you can. Once you start, you'll begin to see how you'll make up the difference."

“When we own our constraints, we’re also owning something that is distinctly our own. And that’s when really special things can happen.”

- Laura Huang

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