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Our mission at Project EMplify is to empower young visionaries through entrepreneurship.

We provide books, mentoring, and educational programming to underserved and underestimated communities.

The Enterpreneurship Program
Our capstone offering where we help students enter into entrepreneurship.

The Enterpreneurship Project seeks to equip talented, low-income high school students with the entrepreneurial knowledge necessary to pave their own way to success through their own independent ventures. The knowledge they gain also helps propel them to success in higher education, the workplace, and beyond.

Project EMplify operates through a time-tested offering of:

Book Program

We provide students with a curated set of educational books and materials, as well as mentoring on how to get the most from these resources.


Our two-day workshop series
("The Enterpreneurship Bootcamp")
teaches students the fundamentals of business, entrepreneurship, and finance—and importantly, how to practically apply these skills.


Students participate in an entrepreneurial project to solidify and amplify their skills, and learn how to turn $20 of seed capital into a $200 (10x) return.

This integrated approach allows individuals to create the types of opportunities that were previously never available to them.

“We all have different starting points. Start anywhere you can. Once you start, you'll begin to see how you'll make up the difference.”

Those who come from underserved and underestimated communities are often never taught these types of skills. They put their head down and work hard, but hard work alone is often not enough. Success and outcomes are often determined by perceptions, attributions, subtle stereotypes. Through Project EMplify, we EMBRACE and EMPOWER individuals to navigate these factors and EMBARK upon a better path to success.

"We all have different starting points. Start anywhere you can. Once you start, you'll begin to see how you'll make up the difference."


“When we own our constraints, we’re also owning something that is distinctly our own. And that’s when really special things can happen.”

- Laura Huang

Join Project EMplify and our effort to give back to the community. Consider making a tax-deductible donation. No amount is too small. Your support will make a huge difference in underserved communities.

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